Hello, and welcome to my blog! Let me present myself.

My name is Ani and I am a trilingual Digital Marketing & Analytics Specialist with 5 years of experience across multiple sectors including Cloud-based services, SaaS, Digital payments, Mobile apps, and Executive Education, among others.

My expertise covers areas such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, and Social Media.

promote linkedin live events

3 Quick Steps to Promoting LinkedIn Live Events in 2020

What are LinkedIn Live Events, and how can you promote them with paid LinkedIn advertising? Keep on reading to find out! The global coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly accelerated the adoption of many new technologies. As we are spending more time...

seo strategy

How To Save Money With The Right SEO Strategy

Are you looking to save money yet execute a winning SEO strategy? Who doesn’t? Everyone wants to save money anyway. But how do you do it? This in-depth guide on how to save money with the right SEO strategy is going to show you exactly that. Search...

cost leadership examples

Top 7 Brilliant Cost Leadership Examples (in 2020)

In 1980, the American academic Michael Porter described how a company pursues competitive advantage across its chosen market scope in the so-called Porter’s generic strategies. 40 years later, although with some slight modifications and new...

linkedin conversions

LinkedIn Conversions: 7 Essential Steps to Get Them Right

Advertising on LinkedIn is a great way for many businesses to reach and engage with their target audience. However, evaluating campaign performance and measuring return on investment requires something more than just launching ads and hoping they...

17 Winning Tips for Writing a Great Marketing Copy

When we are thinking about digital campaigns, and even traditional offline advertising, the first thing that comes to our mind is coming up with brilliant and creative ideas for our visuals. Posters, banners, billboards – yes, they are all...

swot analysis examples

3 Great SWOT Analysis Examples with Real Companies

Whether you want to assess the current position of your business, expand to new markets, or simply develop a new strategy, a SWOT analysis is probably one of the first steps that you will probably make in that direction. And, if it wasn’t on...

keyword research methodology

Keyword Research Methodology: 7 Key Steps for Great SEO

Did you know that, according to official statistics, Google processes over 40,000 search queries every single second? This translates to more than 3.5 billion searches per day, and the astonishing 1.2 trillion per year. For businesses, this means...

linkedin seo tips

17 Practical LinkedIn SEO Tips for Optimizing Your Profile

Over the past couple of decades, LinkedIn has grown to be the biggest professional platform for doing business, networking, and discovering like-minded professionals. Nowadays, people will consult LinkedIn for practically everything business-related...

swot analysis examples coca cola

9 Best Tips to Write a Unique Slogan for Your Brand

Have you ever been to an interview in which you were asked to sell yourself in 1 minute? I have, and let me tell you, knowing how to do it with just a few words is more challenging than it seems. You will ask, what does this have to do with having a...

linkedin networking tips

10 Awesome LinkedIn Networking Tips (that Actually Work!)

With over 690+ million users across more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, it is no surprise that LinkedIn is the largest professional global network. Its unique tools and features create a unique virtual environment to connect with like...

create a unique selling proposition - hellofresh

7 Best Ways to Create a Unique Selling Proposition

If you are the only player in your industry, you can probably get away with not having a unique selling proposition for your brand. Think of the company that runs your city’s metro or railway services. You can’t just switch to a...

linkedin ad copy

10 Must-See Tips for a Killer LinkedIn Ad Copy

Social media is all about the content, and LinkedIn makes no exception to this rule. As LinkedIn members scroll down their feed, they see hundreds of posts, articles and announcements every single day. Organic and paid content are constantly...

household income google ads

5 Best Tips for Using Household Income in Google Ads

With demographic targeting in Google Ads, you can strategically narrow down your target audience to reach a more refined niche of potential customers. From age range to parental status, you can select from a set of targeting options for your...

linkedin campaign quality score

4 Easy Steps to Higher Campaign Quality Score on LinkedIn

When it comes to digital advertising, quality score is one of the most important factors to determine how relevant your ad is to your target. In other words, is your ad reaching the right audience with the right message? Different channels have...

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