About me

A Digital Marketing Blog.

by Ani Miteva


Hello everyone, and thanks for passing by! My name is Ani Miteva and this is my Digital Marketing blog.

I started it more than 3 years ago as a hobby while I was doing a part-time job in Marketing and finishing my Master’s Degree in International Business Administration.

Today, it is more than just a hobby and a way to kill some free time. It has become my passion, and something I look forward to every single day. It’s even earning me some extra income!

I am originally from Bulgaria, currently working and living in Madrid, Spain, with my boyfriend and two guinea pigs. And I am glad to meet you!

My professional life

Experienced Digital Marketing Specialist


I have been fully dedicated to Digital Marketing for the last 5 years, with experience among different sectors including digital payments, mobile apps, SaaS and executive education. I currently work at a private business school in Madrid.


I have a Degree in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in International Business Administration. I also love learning, and I over the years I’ve gathered different (paid and free) online certifications from IE University, Google, LinkedIn Learning and Hubspot.


In addition to my blog and my regular job, I also work as a Digital Marketing freelancer for different companies across the globe. From Google Ads to social media ads and SEO, I really love putting theory into practice, and designing different Marketing strategies.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.



I would say that one of my best developed skills is SEO and writing articles.



Need help with your Google Ads strategy? I offer myself as a tribute!



Over the past years, I have gained a lot of experience in LinkedIn advertising.

more about me


The non-Marketing side of me. 🙂 


As I already mentioned, I have two guinea pigs which also have an Instagram account: @thepiggiespond. They are adorable!


I really love reading – I am a fan of Stephen King, Agatha Christie and Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse. 


Another passion of mine are languages. I speak fluently English, Spanish and Bulgarian. I also speak some Russian and Italian as well.

Postal Cards

I am also a collector of postal cards, I have over 1,000 in my collection! I hope to break the Guinness’ World Record one day. 🙂 


Hello, and welcome to my blog! Let me present myself.

My name is Ani and I am a trilingual Digital Marketing & Analytics Specialist with 5 years of experience across multiple sectors including Cloud-based services, SaaS, Digital payments, Mobile apps, and Executive Education, among others.

My expertise covers areas such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, and Social Media.