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copywriting tips

5 Useful High-Converting Landing Page Copywriting Tips

Copywriting is a process of writing copy, or textual content, for your website, marketing content, and social media pages. It serves to persuade cold leads to convert into subscribers, customers, or brand ambassadors for your business. Copywriting...

linkedin ads budget

How Much Should I Budget for LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn ads are an excellent tool for primarily business-to-business (B2B) and peer-to-peer marketing to generate leads, build backlinks, create unique advertising opportunities, and increase overall traffic and sales on your website. However, if...

mission statement benefits

12 Powerful Mission Statement Benefits for Your Business

Do you really need a mission statement? What are the most important mission statement benefits that you should be aware of? Learn more in this article! Doesn’t matter? Fairly important? Useful? Or… Vital? Probably, the best answer to this question...

9 Types of Video Content You Need to Boost Your Sales

Nowadays, video marketing is a powerful tool to promote business and achieve success. When choosing a content marketing strategy, brands choose visual means due to their convenience and effectiveness. It’s known that people better perceive video...

header bidding providers - newormedia

The Top Header Bidding Providers of 2023

If you’ve been looking to scale your ad earnings, then you’ve probably come across the solution known as header bidding. It’s a tempting upgrade for any publisher who wants to see a 20-50%   increase in earnings when switching from a network like...


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