Archive: October 2019

internal links seo

7 Benefits of Using Internal Links for SEO

Did you ever focus on something in the distance so much that you didn’t pay attention to what is happening right before your eyes? This is how internal links would feel…if they weren’t just pieces of code, of course. What I am...

external backlinks

How to Check Site Backlinks (Beginner’s Guide)

The importance of backlinks in SEO is absolutely indisputable. When it comes to ranking factors, they can single-handedly skyrocket your positioning faster than many others. Today, we will give them a complete introduction, and we will see how to...

moz spam score - domain authority score

What is Domain Authority Score (DA), and is it an SEO factor?

Establishing trustworthiness is of crucial importance for any business on the Internet. Search engines have to filter through millions of pages to sort out the shady ones, and show relevant and credible content to their users. Today, we will see...


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